Hire me as a speaker

You can hire me as a speaker for offline events and training.

I teach and inspire people about personal development and achieving success in business or as an entrepreneur.

I am not just a person who talks about theory with a few pictures. My talks are practical: full of concrete tips and examples from my own life. With a lot of interaction with the audience.

The topics I speak about fall under one or more of the following life themes:


  • Health
  • Self-esteem
  • Work, Career, and Entrepreneurship
  • Money
  • Energy
  • Social life
  • Love
  • Pleasure
  • Learning and study
  • Contribution
Margot Corporaal Speaker

 People really take action

In the past, I have given many trainings. Among others at Nuon and in the interim world for large groups. Talking comes easily to me. My trainings are primarily interactive and inspire people to grow in business and private life, with a good dose of humor.

Today, my talks are about personal development and I use examples from my business life story as inspiration.

I teach people how to grow personally by having a plan. I also teach them how to become a successful entrepreneur. How to turn their dreams into concrete and achievable goals. And how to work from passion.

From hard work to smart work.

Currently, I give talks at events where personal development is the focus. Examples of this are individual development trajectories or development trajectories at companies.

My talks are a great addition to trainings on leadership and as a module of a larger learning trajectory or training where (self)leadership is central.

The goal is: that people are inspired and really take action to work on their personal development and can really achieve their goals.