When you really achieve your goals

Do you know the story of a woman who, after a serious burnout, decided to enjoy life much more? And a few years later, she was at a point in her life where she realized that she was living from her head again?

I do! I was her!

In my quest for ultimate happiness, I had gotten lost in the world of (personal) development gurus. One said this, and the other said that. They also contradicted each other. I became incredibly overwhelmed, I didn’t achieve my wonderful goals, and I was back in my head again.

“This has to be different,” I decided. Smarter, together with others, more practical, tailored, and measurable. So that the fun stays in it.

That’s how the beautiful tool and community “Procezza” was born.

Margot Corporaal Procezza

Procezza is the catalyst for your personal development

My mission is to make the path to a deeper connection with feelings and the body easier and more concise for others. With the Procezza platform, I help both individuals and businesses to further their development and growth.

This will allow you to live from passion and happiness and do everything that really makes you happy.

“By consciously working on your personal development every day, you will experience true life happiness.”

Margot Corporaal Coaching

Procezza ultimate life happiness Procezza is right for you if you:

  • Have been involved in personal development for a while;
  • Are overwhelmed by the large selection of trainers and coaches;
  • Don’t know where to start anymore;
  • Often start something with enthusiasm, but then never finish it;
  • Feel like you’re on your own;
  • Lack the inspiration to set good goals.


The core values of  Procezza

Our core values are based on the 5 steps of growth that every human being goes through. By focusing on these in our core values, we help you to take the right steps at the right time:


  1. Insight, curiosity (Curioso);
  2. Equality, helping each other (Equivalenza);
  3. Progress, coaching (Movimento);
  4. Having fun and transferring this as a professional (Divertimento);
  5. Inspiring from your happiness and passion (Fortuna).



Curioso is a subscription plan for the Procezza platform and is the first and most important step in Procezza. This is when you will really start and work seriously on your personal development and growth.

Curioso in a nutshell:

Within Procezza, there are 10 different life themes and you are challenged to think about which life themes are interesting for you to work on in the coming period.


You are helped to set concrete goals and make them SMART.


You will discover who and what can help you achieve your goals.


You get access to your own personal environment where you are fully supported in your personal growth.


You have access to free and paid content, get feedback, and there is an online community to support you. In addition, there are also professionals who can help you get off to a flying start.