Hi, Margot Corporaal here

As I was driving from Amsterdam to Den Bosch on the A2, my thoughts were racing faster than the slow-moving traffic at knooppunt Oudenrijn. In the past two years, I had managed to become a better version of myself, both internally and spiritually, but it had not been an easy path. Now I was finally experiencing ultimate life happiness and wanted to share it in a comprehensive way with others, but I had no idea how to do that.

How could I make it easier for others to connect deeply with their feelings and bodies? I had been racking my brain for four months and felt completely blocked. And then, somewhere near afslag Vianen, it was as if the universe gave me a big download. Suddenly, everything was clear and I knew how to convey my transformation process to others.

I can’t remember anything else from the rest of the drive except for an enormous feeling of gratitude. A new mission had been born, I knew how to help other people accelerate their own personal development.

About Margot Corporaal

My turning point

I have always been successful in business. Fun and challenging assignments always came to me naturally, which allowed me to live a life of abundance from a financial perspective. However, I didn’t really feel happy. I was always busy with external factors: an even more beautiful house, an even bigger car, even more exotic vacations. Genuine happiness from within was strange to me. I just wasn’t paying attention to it at all.

My turning point came for me in February 2020. My relationship ended and I felt terrible and alone. I lay in bed like a heap of misery and would have preferred to just stay there, until my son came into the bedroom. Like a bolt from the blue, I realized that I didn’t want him to ever see me like that again.

With his interests in mind, I decided to work on myself. I no longer wanted to live from reason, it was high time to pay more attention to the sensitive and spiritual side of myself. That was only easier said than done.

Margot Corporaal Speaker

Drowning in coaches, courses, and workshops

I started looking for all sorts of experts who could help me become a better version of myself. Until I was drowning in all the coaches, courses, and workshops on personal development.

I made slow but steady progress, but there was no structure to that progress. It was a big, messy mess of mountains of new knowledge and even more attempts to apply it to myself.

A measurable plan

During my process, I became aware of the pain I was suppressing and how exhausted I was from it. I realized that I was allowed to be here and that gave me slowly but surely more insight into my body and emotions. I started to understand what stress did to me and learned to better recognize the signs.

I sold my house and moved into a smaller one, and I also started decluttering to give myself space from love with a measurable plan. By making my transformation measurable, I could achieve what I wanted: find my own rhythm and not only be concerned with outward success, but also with inner satisfaction. And I have succeeded, I am at the point where I wanted to be.

After a long search, I live in flow and follow my own cycle. I feel which food is good for me and I have overcome all my limiting beliefs.



A year earlier, I had launched Procezza: a tool that helped companies to guide their processes from the work happiness of their employees. A means where employees and their personal development were central. It was a fantastic plan, but it didn’t feel right.

During my own transformation, I discovered what was wrong with Procezza. It was too business-like and didn’t provide the simple tools that I wanted to offer to be able to live from flow like me.

Through the download on the A2, I gained the insight to be able to actually help people with their personal growth with Procezza 2.0 without them being completely overwhelmed by a flood of possibilities. With the further developed tool, people should be able to start living their most beautiful life in a short time from a supportive community in personal development and growth for all life themes.


“During my own search, I came to the realization that we all fill a toolbox over the course of our lives. Experiences, knowledge, skills, people, and situations: they are all different tools that we can use to build or tear down. Because sometimes things have to be broken down before you can build something new.


Life happiness is not something stable. In fact, you will need those peaks and valleys to eventually gather, rediscover, and use the right tools. This is how you are constantly working on your personal growth and development.


With Procezza, we offer help to make those tools clear and measurable in a good way, and thereby create a piece of insight. This ensures that those moments of ultimate life happiness will become more intense.”


Do you want to dance with me?

I put myself first and now enjoy life on a deeper level because I gave myself all the space. I have become a better person because of it, and I wish that for everyone. But through an easier path that I had to take myself.

During my own process of personal development, it felt like I had to reinvent the wheel all by myself. There is so much to choose from and so little structure that you need a lot of motivation and perseverance to get where you want to be. That is why it is my mission to make the path to ultimate life happiness with Procezza 2.0 a lot easier.

With a community full of strength, people grow together and, with each other’s support, come to a freedom in the broadest sense of the word. Step by step, from the point where they are now.

Procezza ensures that you always have the opportunity to relax, to be alone and to give space to creative flow. But also to be together if you feel like it, full of craziness, fun and joy.

In the end, we all want to go through life dancing. Do you want to dance with me?


Margot Corporaal